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Полиглот 16 Английский


Tutorial of English in the simulator for rapid learning.Learn English, it's easy!
English can be studied on your own from scratch with help from our simulator program:✓ The first three lessons are free✓ Suitable for any level of proficiency in English✓ Exercises to extend vocabulary✓ Practical exercises with the possibility of listening to the phrases in English language✓ The maximum simplified grammar and simple tips✓ Ability to learn English in offline mode✓ Operational technical support and feedback to developers
The simulator makes it possible to learn English anytime, anywhere, and for as long as anyone can devote. The application is available as a mobile application for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and for desktop computers running Windows.
The basic principle of the proposed methodology - the ease and simplicity of entering into a new linguistic space by exploring the basic linguistic structures of the English language at the elementary level. The general approach to the study of the language with the help of our program has something in common with the idea of ​​the popular TV program "Polyglot. Learn English in 16 hours", shown on the TV channel "Culture", by the Russian polyglot, simultaneous translator and teacher Petrov Dmitry.
The program draws attention to the nature of user errors and pinpoints the material, which should be primarily addressed. It is much more effective than mere continuous repetition and makes it easier to reach sustainable skills in English language proficiency.
The simulator can be downloaded and installed for free. The first 3 lessons are available for free. In order to continue to further lessons you have to purchase the application. There are 17 lessons available in full version. As a bonus you get access to and a final exam, which will help you test your knowledge throughout the material.